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Spring is For Seniors

Spring is For Seniors!

 Spring is in full-bloom here on the Central Coast! And as much as I wish it could be Spring all year-round, it really only means one thing…Summer is right around the corner!

 Summer means a lot of things; warmth, fun, late nights, parties, picnics, get-togethers and one other thing you may be forgetting; Senior Pictures! For those of you Seniors and Parents-of-Seniors out there now is the perfect time to start thinking about your Senior portraits. At many schools here on the Central Coast, Senior pictures are due soon after school starts- typically August or September.

 Taking your pictures in the Summer is just fine and dandy, but if you want to get a jump-start on planning and booking your Senior Session the Spring is a wonderful time for a few reasons: For one, right now in the Spring it is absolutely gorgeous all over the area, flowers are in bloom and the fields and trees are lush and green. Also, Bella Dawn Photography is offering a Spring Senior Portrait Special.

 If you contact us now and book your session for the Months of May or June you receive 20% off your session fee and you will receive a complimentary  set of 10 grad cards to share with family and friends!


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Join the Fight for More Birthdays

I have always felt that it is extremely important to give back to the community that gives to you. I have also recently found that giving back and making a difference can come through the smallest of gestures.

These past few months I have become involved with Relay For Life to benefit the American Cancer Society. The small team that I work with has done numerous fundraisers and raised thousands of dollars to help the fight for more birthdays!

I wanted to extend an invitation to all of my readers to come out to sunken Gardens Park in Atascadero and join the festivities and see what Relay For Life is all about!

The Relay is 24 hours long and begins on April 27th at 9:00 am!

See you there!

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One thing that I have noticed since I have begun photography is that although I always saw the beauty in small things around me, that beauty and interest in the world around me is magnified. The smallest flower in a patch of weeds or an average bird in a tree. It is all extra beautiful through the eyes of a photographer. 

All of the seasons are beautiful and unique in their own way. However, my personal favorite is Spring. I have been spending extra time submerging myself in all of its beauty. And it really helps e appreciate all of the beautiful things in life that sometimes are otherwise taken for granted. Image

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Passion Through Inspiration

Living your dreams and executing your passion is something that many of us are told to do since our childhoods. We are always told that we can be anything we want to be and do anything we want to do as long as we set our minds to it. I remember thinking the strongest about these words around times like school graduations and milestones of the like. However, it seems that as we grow older and get set in our ways and are tossed into the daily grind of just making it through each day, we all lose sight of what we originally set out for.

 I know that personally I got caught up in growing up and began to think that life was all about making money and getting to the top. Those things are important in life too, however, in doing this we often lose our passion. That burning passion and excitement that we all had as children when we believed anything was possible. A few months ago I discovered the blog Alex Beadon Photography. She is a strong believer in living a passion filled life and making your passion your life’s work. She offers helpful business insight that can be applied to any company and reminds her readers the importance of living their passion.


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Bella Dawn Photography

Bella Dawn Photography is my personal photography venture created with the purpose of photographing people of all ages and their families in order to create art personal to each customer that can last generations. Through this blog I hope to have a space where I can showcase my current work and build a larger portfolio while gaining potential customers.

I hope to feature beautiful images of the families I photograph so that they may share their pictures with their family through the Internet. Also, to keep the visitors coming back, this blog will feature information that may benefit local families of San Luis Obispo County such as places to go, things to do and the best places to eat and shop.

I hope that you, the reader will offer feedback to me on my images, join my mailing list and share my work with your family and friends.

Thank you for your time,